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CLUB    802    The Sunday Night Dance Party

Disc Jockeys : R.T. The Night Sleez / L.D.  The ICEMAN
Bar Tenders : Jumpin Joey /
Bouncers : Spider



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    This page and songs are Dedicated to the people who worked and danced at ROAD HOUSE ,802 UNION STREET, WILMINGTON DELAWARE.

    Go to DISC JOCKEY to see when the CLUB 802 is playing


    867-5309 - (Dance Remix)                                     Tommy Tutone
    Another Night                                                        Real McCoy
    Another One Bites The Dust (Dance Remix)           Queen
    Asel F (Radio Edit)                                                 Crazy Fog
    Baby Got Back                                                       Sir-Mix-A-Lot
    Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My room)             Paul Lekakis
    Born To Be Alive                                                   Patrick Hernandez
    Bounce -                                                                Sarah Connor
    Brick House                                                           Commodores
    Brown Eyed Girl (The Medley)                               Van Morrison
    C'mon Ride It (The Train)                                       Quad City DJ'S
    C & C Megamix                                                    C & C Music Factory
    Da Butt (Pt 1)                                                         EU
    Dancing Queen                                                       ABBA 
    Dangerous On The Dance Floor -                          Musto & Bones
    Ditty                                                                       Paperboy
    Do You Want Me                                                  Salt-N-Pepa
    Don't Wanna Lose This Groove                              Dannii Minogue
    Fantasy Girl -                                                      Johnny O
    F### It (I Don't Want You Back                             Eamon
    Funkytown                                                              LIPPS Inc
    Got To Be Real (Pt 1)                                             Cheryl Lynn
    Hey Mama-                                                        Black Eyed Peas
    Hip Hop Hooray  -                                                Naughty By Nature
    Holidae In                                                               Chingy
    I Will Survive-                                                        Gloria Gaynor
    I'll Take You There                                                  General Public
    It Takes 2 (Pt 1)                                             Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock
    Joy & Pain -                                                   Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock
    Ladies Night                                                           Kool & The Gang
    Last Night A DJ Saved My Life                              Indeep
    Le Freak                                                                Chic
    Let It Whip                                                            The Dazz band
    Let The Music Play (Pt 1)                                       Shannon
    Like A Child -                                                          NoeL
    Milkshake                                                              Kelis
    My Band -                                                    D12 Featuring Eminem
    Party Starter (Radio Edit)                                     Will Smith
    Pour Some Sugar On Me (Dance Remix)               Def Leppard
    Pump Up The Volume (Pt 1)                                   MARRS
    Rapper's Delight                                                      Sugar Hill Gang
    Right Thurr                                                              Chingy
    Roc Ya Body                                                          M.V.P.
    Salt Shaker                                                              Ying Yang Twins
    Showme -                                                              The Cover Girls
    So Many Men (So Little Time)-                              Miguel Brown
    Staying Alive (Pt 1)                                                 The Bee Gees
    Suga Suga                                                               Baby Bash
    Sweet Home Alabama  (Dance Remix)                Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Tennessee                                                           Arrested Development
    Tequila (Dance Remix)                                    A.L.T. The Lost Civilization
    The Power (Pt 1)                                                   Snap
    The Show                                                            Doug E. Fresh 
    This is How We Do It                                          Montell Jordan
    This is How We Do It                                          Big Tymers
    Tipsy-                                                                   J Kwon
    Toxic                                                                    Britney Spears
    Uptown 80's Dance Mix (Pt 2)                              Various Artists
    Wat Da Hook Gon Be-                                          Murphy Lee
    We All Into Love ( We Are Family )                      Unit 3 UK
    What I Like About You-(Remix)                           THE Romantics
    Whoomp! There It Is                                             Tag Team
    Work IT (Remix) -                                  Nelly Featuring Justin Timberlake
    Yeah! -                                               Usher Featuring Ludacris & Lil' Kim

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