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Gotta Get Outta Here / The A.K.A.'s (ARE EVERYWHERE!)
 Demos / The Academy Is...
Baby / Backlash
City Blues / BD Mylo and the Go Daddys
I Can't Lose / BD Mylo and the Go Daddys
Aint Gonna Lose It / BD Mylo and the Go Daddys
Somber Samba / BD Mylo and the Go Daddys
Crazy in The Morning / Brene Wilson
Say no More / Brene Wilson
Jeffrey Dahmer Eat Your Heart Out / The Calm Before
Barely Blind Myspace / Canaan Davis
In The Mood_Chad Alexander / Chad Alexander
The_Hush_Sound / Crawling_Towards_The_Sun
Theres_A_Class_For_This_demo / Cute_Is_What_We_Aim_For
Ideas / Days Away
God_And_Mars / Days_Away
Knows_My_Name_Dado / Days_Away
Waking_Up / Days_Away
4 Starting Over / The Drama Summer
In the Winter / Dreaming Under Mercury
Forevermore / Dreaming Under Mercury
Depths of My Eyes / Dreaming Under Mercury
Famous Bears / Explosive Bear
Broken Cymbals / Fakeknife 
Moving On / Fakeknife 
Railer / Fakeknife 
Dead On Arrival / FALL OUT BOY
Grand_Theft_Autumn__Where_Is_Your_Boy /Fall_Out_Boy
Nobody_Puts_Baby_In_The_Corner / Fall_Out_Boy
Identity / Five O'Clock Charlie
This Too Shall Pass / The Fold
I_Am_A_Heart_Watson_The_Rest_Of_Me_Is_Mere_Appendix /Forgive Durden
Im_A_Sucker_For_Fakes / Forgive Durden
Beware_The_Jub_Jub_Bird / Forgive_Durden
Love / G. Love
Blues Music / G. Love & Special Sauce
Rodeo Clowns / G. Love & Special Sauce
Obrigatu PA / Gym Class Heroes
Brazil Song / Gym Class Heroes
Simple_Livin / Gym_Class_Heroes 
Papercuts / Gym Class_Heroes
Taxi_Driver /Gym_Class_Heroes
Bethanie / Heartbreak Club 
BoySaidGirlSaid /Heartbreak Club 
Frankenstien / HUMANS
Step To The Floor / Illegal Substance
Bump & Grind / In Plain Language
A Silent Ending / Inept Inept
Real Enough To Fake / Jesper Fries
I Would Do Anything / Jesper Fries
The Death of the Party / Jesper Fries
Could've Been, Would've Been, Should've Been / Jesper Fries
Summer on the Radio / Jesper Fries
Princess (demo) / Jesper Fries
Jason_Dean_Was_A_Teen_Liberator / Kane Hodder
Don't Ever Stop / Kyven
Hurt / Kyven
Never So Far Away / Kyven
Sweetness (Tranz Mix) / Kyven
When I Fall (Extended Mix) / Kyven
Wrong About You / Kyven
Bridge And Tunnel Authority/ Less Than Jake
Spread So Thin / Lexington Down
27 Kisses / Loko Phylum
Julia / Mantua Deprived
Paper Mache / Mantua Deprived
Victory / Mantua Deprived
Here We Are...(Now What Do We Do?) / mercy mercedes
When The Romulans Attack, You'll Be The First To Go  /Nevaeh
Mrs.Hyde / NEW VOX 
Radio / Nixon Nation
Took A Blow / Nixon Nation

BROKEN BOTTLES / No Bragging Rights
Hey Hey DEMO / October Fall 
Caught_In_The_Rain / October_Fall 
What's The Chance For / Out of Options
Silent / Out of Options
its time to dance, cause boys will be boys / Panic at the disco
Time To Dance / Panic! At The Disco
The_Only_Difference / Panic_At_the_Disco
Pressure / PARAMORE 
My Ears Can Only Take So Much / Pick Up The Pieces
Always / PJ GRINCH  
Back To You / PJ GRINCH
I Don't Believe / PJ GRINCH
Getaway / Punchline
Open Up / Punchline
Play / Punchline
A Scream Held Under Water / Rayah
A Shot In The Dark, A Stab In The Back / Rayah
Just In Case / Remedy for Ruin
Out of the Canyon / Remedy for Ruin
Rebel_Hymn / Roy
Blue / SMB Project
Can't go on this way / SMB Project
Name song / SMB Project
You won't be there  / SMB Project
Argyle Weather / The Switch
Radio Reminder / The Switch
Slow_Down / The Academy Is 
Generation_Vexed /The_AKAs 
need you here / Translation
Alone In A Corridor / The Translation
the story Tristan / Prettyman
Losing Me The Underwater
Bring Me You / the Underwater
Red White And Blind  / the Underwater
Hey / Vince Falzone
On The Run / Vince Falzone
Shining Endeavor / Vince Falzone
The Sound / Vince Falzone
Evacuate The Building / WITH NO REMORSE 
I Have Changed / Words Away
This Life Is Not / Words Away 
Is It Like Today? / World Party
Way Down Now / World Party
Mean old coot / Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer
Mean old coot / Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer


Live For Today - 3 Doors Down
Attack - 30 Secons To Mars
Don t Tread On Me - 311
Dirty Little Secret -All-American Rejects
Not Now - Blink - 182
No Way Back - Foo Fighters
Better Days - Goo Goo Dolls
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day
Bullet-Proof Skin - Institute / Gavin Rossdale
Nth Degree  - Morningwood
Animals - Nickelback
Every Day Is Exactly The Same - Nine Inch Nails
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Ra
Crazy - Simple Plan
Stars - Switchfoot
We Are One Tonight - Switchfoot
Get Out - The Rockstar Collective
Let You Go - The Rockstar Collective
Get To Me - Train
How Love Should Be - Tyler Hilton

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