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Program 2






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    7 HOURS OF NON STOP DANCE & CLUB  MUSIC. Having a party at your house. Turn on the computer. Click my station link and get ready to PARTY.   Stations 307019

    Music Video Codes By VideoCodeZone

    Songs in YELLOW are the lastest songs added to the List.

                             **** PROGRAM_2 ****


    #1                                                              Nelly

    1,2,3,4(Sumpin' New)                           Coolio

    3-2-1 Pump                                             Redhead Kingpin & The FBI

    Apache                                                     The Sugarhill Gang

    Atomic Dog                                             George Clinton

    Back That Thang Up                              Juvenile

    Bass Power                                              Raze

    Be My Lover                                            La Bouche

    Beat It                                                       Michael Jackson

    Bust A Move                                            Young MC

    MTV Medley                                            C+C Music Factory

    Come And Get Your love                        Real McCoy

    Come Baby Come                                     K7

    Da' Dip                                                       Freak Nasty

    Dabutt                                                          EU

    Dedicated To My Girl                                R.O.C.

    Diamond Girl                                              Nice & Wild

    Disco Hits of 80's                                     Various Artists

    Doowutchyalike                                         Digital Underground

    Fight The Power(Funkymix)                   Public Enemy

    Floorfiller                                                   A Teens

    Free-Stylin' (The Medley)                       Various Artists

    Friends                                                        Whodini

    Gettin' Jiggy Wit It                                  Will Smith

    Get Down Tonight                                      K.C. & The Sunshine Band

    Girlfriend remix                                         nelly

    Good times-Rappers Delight                   Chic-Sugarhill Gang

    Here Comes The Hotstepper                     Ini Kamoze

    Hip Hop Hooray (Mixx It)                           Naughty By Nature

    Holiday                                                           Madonna

    Hot in Herre                                                Nelly

    I Like It                                                      That Original Latin All Stars

    I'll Be There                                              Chocolate Chip

    Jam On It                                                        Newcleus

    Jump                                                                Kris Kross

    Jump Around                                                 House Of  Pain

    Le Freak                                                          Chic

    Let Me Clear My Throat                               DJ Kool

    Make It Clap (Remix)                                    Busta Rhymes

    Miami                                                               Will Smith

    Move it like this                                              Baha Men

    Mr. Wendal                                                      Arrested Development

    No Parking On The Dancefloor                   Midnight Star

    O.P.P.                                                                Naughty By Nature

    Oh What A Night '93REMIX                       X-Mix 1993

    OOH CHILD                                                    DINO

    Parents Just Don't Understand                    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

    Party All Night                                                Stylz & the J.I.Z.

    Planet Rock                                                       Afrika Bambaataa

    Pump It Up                                                        Joe Budden

    Ride Wit Me (Clean)                                        Nelly

    Rob's Base Mix(Funkymix)                           Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

    Rock Box                                                           Run-D.M.C.

    Rollin' With Kid 'n Play                                 Kid 'n Play

    Rump Shaker                                                   Wreckx N Effect

    Scatman                                                             Scatman John

    Shackles                                                            RJs Latest Arrival

    Shake ya Tail Feathers                                   Nelly

    Shake Your Thang (Club Mix)                       Salt-N-Pepa

    Space Jam                                                          Quad City DJ's

    Stayin' Alive                                                      N-Trance

    Superfreak                                                         Rick James

    Supersonic                                                          J.J.Fad

    Take Your Time (Do It Right)                          Max-A-Million

    The Breaks                                                          Kurtis Blow

    The Men All Pause - Meeting In                      Klymaxx

    The Real Slim Shady                                          Eminem

    The Roof Is On Fire (Original)                         Rock Master Scott

    Tubthumping                                                        Chumbawamba

    We Are Family                                                      Unit 3 UK

    We Like To Party                                                Vengaboys

    Whatta Man                                                            Salt-N-Pepa

    What People Do For Money                               Divine Sounds

    White Lines                                                          Grandmaster Flash

    Who Let The Dogs Out                                       Baha Men

    Wild Thing                                                            Tone Loc

    Woot, There It Is                                                   95 South

    Word Up                                                                  Cameo

    You Can't Touch This                                          MC Hammer

    You Dropped A Bomb On Me / Party Train     The Gap Band


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